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Covidien LigaSure LS1037 Tissue Fusion Laparoscopic Instrument

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The LigaSure Atlas™ hand switching laparoscopic instrument (LS1037) is a blunt tip vessel sealer and divider, featuring a 37 cm shaft for use in laparoscopic procedures. Procedural applications for Covidien LigaSure LS1037 device include:

  1. Adrenalectomy
  2. Axillary dissection
  3. Gastrectomy
  4. Colectomy
  5. Nephrectomy
  6. Liver resection
  7. Splenectomy
  8. Whipple
Benefits & Energized by the ForceTriadTM energy platform, LigaSureTM instruments provide the following to potentially reduce procedure time:
  1. Hand activation for sterile-field control
  2. 2-4 seconds fusion cycle
  3. Fuses vessels and tissue bundles up to and including 7mm