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Medtronic Launcher Guide Catheter Features for Healthcare Professionals

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Launcher™ coronary guide catheters come with the performance advantages you expect from a market leader — including a wide variety of curve shapes for transradial and femoral percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

Full-Wall technology is a shaft construction process that optimises the balance between a large lumen and robust performance — offering excellent torque resistance and curve retention. The encapsulated flat wire braid enables thinner, robust walls without compromising support or retention.

  • Polymer
  • Encapsulated braid wire
  • Inner jacket
  • Flat braid wire
  • Outer jacket

Launcher Guide Catheters Offer:

  • Flexible distal segment to engage the guide for backup support
  • Supportive secondary curve for backup support and curve retention
  • Workhorse construction for a variety of anatomies and takeoffs
  • Larger lumens for excellent contrast flow and enhanced visualisation
  • Vest-tech nylon outer jacket for hub-to-tip radiopacity
  • Radiopaque marker band to facilitate tip orientation for ostial engagement
  • Support for radial and femoral approaches

Also available in 118cm length.

With the 118 cm Launcher™ guide catheter you have the reach and device working length you need — expanding your possibilities.