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Nipro’s Safetouch AVF needles with active safety mechanism

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Nipro’s Safetouch AVF needles have a Tulip safety mechanism designed to minimize the risk of needle stick injuries (NSI). This nonreversible Tulip safety mechanism can be activated by a one-handed technique, while locking is confirmed with a tactile “click”. As one of many Nipro needles with safety mechanism, Safetouch Tulip is a safe and cost-effective option for protecting patients and healthcare professionals alike.

  • Reduced risk of needle stick injuries
  • Nonreversible mechanism
  • Active Tulip safety feature using a one-handed technique
  • Unique locking mechanism confirmed by tactile “click”
  • Ultra-sharp, siliconized 3-bevel needle for smooth cannulation
  • Ultra-thin wall for optimal blood flow
  • Textured, turnable of fixed, color-coded wings
  • Color-coded occlusion clamp and tapered luer
  • Latex-free, DEHP-free
  • Gamma sterilization